Name: Miss Mia
Hula Hoops: 76
Favorite color: Mint green
Favorite foods: Squid rings, bagels, donuts and onion rings!
Favorite Flower: Sunflower
Height: 180 cm
Favorite hula-hoop trick: The Double Bow and The Glimmer Shimmer-trick with two hula hoops.
Largest hula hoop: 2 meters in diameter
Hobbies: Hula hooping and creating my own hula hoops.
Music: "Hula Hoop Boogie" by J.D. Orr & "Hula Hoop Song" by Bill Humber and His Hula Kings.
Favourite book: Literature on the hula hoop!
Favourite animal: Flamingo
Favorite planet: Saturn!
Work: Performs with hula hoop shows, teaches hula hoop-classes and write about hula hoop.